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What makes us different and
best study abroad agency

We ensure fast and handsome scholarships abroad from our universities and recruitment partners. We develop a career path for the students who look for affordable tuition fees, hassle free processing and quick communication.


Elevate your career potential with SkyLane's free consultancy from experts you need.


Craft a captivating CV and fine-tune your SOP to stand out from the crowd you need.

File Assessment

Assess your files with SkyLane for a seamless and error-free documentation process.


Stay hassle free and updated with our tailor-made application systems for university and visa.

Mock Interviews

Get ready to ace your university and embassy interviews with our mock interview sessions.

Travel Assistance

Soar through new horizons with SkyLane's unparalleled travel assistance, where.

Bank Solvency Support

SkyLane is your trusted ally, providing bank statement support to ensure easy application

Visa Assistance

Open the door to new horizons hassle free as we complete your visa application.

Medical Test Assistance

SkyLane's medical test assistance guides you through the health test systems while studying abroad.

Part-Time Job Support

Get assistance in finding a part time job to maintain your daily expenses while studying abroad.

Accommodation Support

Find your suitable accommodation nearby your university with SkyLane’s support.

Cultural Adaptation Counselling

Understand new cultures with confidence through SkyLane's cultural adaptation counselling.

Online Consultancy

Connect with experts from the comfort of your own space completely free of charge.

Quick Response

Get swift answers and unwavering support with SkyLane's quick response you need.

File Condition Report

Navigate your file system with the help of SkyLane’s captivating File Condition Report service.

Scholarship Support

Unleash your potential with SkyLane's free Scholarship Support, paving the way you need.

Financial Consultancy

Navigate the financial maze with SkyLane's expert Financial Consultancy, unlocking.

Dedicated Consultants

Our Dedicated Consultants stand by your side, offering personalized guidance and unwavering support.

Study Guidance

Let SkyLane's Study Guidance be your compass, leading you to success with tailored.

Account maintenance

Stay up to date about your application stages with SkyLane’s account maintenance systems.